Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by my Pedal Steel website. I've been playing guitar and fiddle since I was this big.
I was about five at the time. And now 77 years later
I'm still playing gigs and building and repairing all
sorts of musical instruments and enjoy playing music
as nuch as ever.
In the early 60's  became intrigued by the pedal steel
guitar sound. From a borrowed Sho-Bud I studied the mechanics, measured many parts, and over the course of a whole winter built myself a double neck 10 string pedal steel.
Although I built a couple more in the ensuing years, I played that first one all over Canada and parts of the USA for  over
30 years. In 2000, after retiring from the Computer Software design field, I built a couple more guitars and wrote a fairly popular book on building a pedal steel guitar from scratch. The guitars on the HOME page are three of thirty I have built in recent years.