MK Guitars - general information
MK Pedal steel guitars are normally custom built. It requires approximately 200 hours to build one from scratch.
Body size and configuration, number of strings, number of pedals and knee levers and other specifics are all variable, which usually constitutes a custom build.

To order a custom built pedal steel the following conditions are required.

1)  Will your guitar be a "standard" tuning
2)  How many pedals and levers
3)  What type of wood desired...and the color
4)  Any other specifics

A deposit of $500.00 Canadian is required before building can begin.
Balance is due on delivery of the instrument.
Balance can be cash, certified check, or common credit cards like Visa,Mastercard etc.
SD10 (standard setup)      $2895.00
SD12 (extended E9th)        $3195.00
SD12 (universal)                  $3295.00
D10 (std E9th/C6th             $4295.00
D12                                          $4895.00
Different tunings, additional features etc. will increase the price generally.
Build time is usually 2-3 months, depending of course on my backlog and other commitments.
The repair shop is not a commercial storefront and is operated as a service to mainly the local and Ottawa Valley musicians

I've been repairing all stringed instruments for over 55 years and you can be assured that I'll do my best for you......and give you an honest estimate of how much it will cost to put your instrument back into as good shape as it is possible to do.

Hourly service rate -  $45.00/hr.
I'm located in Almonte, the Ottawa Valley, 25 km west of Ottawa on the #29 highway.

Tel:  613-256-8304
Cell: 613-868-3271