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For sale... new 10 string pedal steel. Four floor pedals, five Knee levers.
100 year old black cherry cabinet with striking birdseye maple aprons. Mirror polished metal parts. This is a keyless guitar with double changers, (raises on the right and totally independent lowers on the left). Really quiet shielded 14k single coil pickup. Virtually no cabinet drop due mainly to the double changer and the thick top wood. Sustain is great with the elimination of a roller nut and has one piece raise fingers. Emmons E9th setup with split tuning available. Setup changes are fairly easily accomplished and comes with a few spare parts for minimum changes. Solid wood lined case. Guitar in the case weighs 40 lbs. Comes with maintenance manual, tuning wrench and a 5 year warranty. Price is $2895.00 Canadian funds.