Mac's Guitar Shop
I've heard it said many see a really clean and neat shop; it's probably one that's hardly ever used for any serious work.

That can't be said for my present shop (but I try!) After moving a few years ago to semi-retirement living, my shop has become pretty small and cramped compared to what it used to be. I've still got room though to continue to do the building of pedal steel guitars, repairing and restoring all kinds of stringed instruments, as well as keeping household gadgets working etc.

More specifically, after over 55 years of working on instruments, I still do repairs on pedal steels (ShoBuds especially), repairs and setups on all electric guitars, cosmetic and structural repairs to acoustic instruments, violin repairs and bow rehairing etc.

If you've got an instrument that needs some attention, just give me a call at 613-256-8304 or email me at